Hat Styles – What to Wear?

One of my favourite accessories to make in felt is a HAT.
A hat can make a real difference to an outfit. It can be elegant and smart, casual and fun or just simply say something about your own individual style. Of course it’s a practical way to keep warm too!
Frequently I hear people say ‘I love hats but I don’t suit them’ . This is surely a myth?
It’s all about choosing the best style for your face shape.

Round Face
Adding height with a high crown and a narrow brim will flatter the face and help to detract from the width. Hat styles such a trilby or a fedora would be perfect for this face shape.
Avoid: Floppy hats and berets

Long Face
Here the key is to shorten the face length by choosing hats with a shallow crown and a wide brim. Hats such as cloche styles and boaters would work well.
Avoid: Beanies

Square Face
A floppy hat or cloche style will soften the wider jaw line and add a glamourous look while berets will create a rounded look to the face.
Avoid: Fedoras

Heart-shaped Face
Any hat that will narrow the forehead will balance out the narrow jawline. Fine beanies and baseball caps will not add any additional width to the forehead. Narrow brimmed fedoras will also look good.
Avoid: Floppy hats, wide brims